House of the Holy Spirit

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To our welcomed guest,

The House of the Holy Spirit is in the process of setting up this website, it will be used as a platform to share the Word of God and show the Word’s relevance for our modern times.

We live in a time that is reminiscent of pages taken right out of our history books, the politics on moral issues, human rights, right to bear arms, excessive taxation, the world bank, etc..

Whether you live in the United States or abroad, nothing is new under the sun. Corrupt government along with mass complacency has always brought about human suffrage and blatant disregard for human life.

Historically, whenever the populous ignored the principles of morals and virtues in their personal, family and community life; not ascribing to due diligence, they were taken over by the thieves, howbeit few they are. Liken it if you will to the fox guarding the hen house, but that is exactly what is happening now!

Some of us can remember a simpler more wholesome time when the majority of people were polite and respectful of one another, when there was a better order established to live by, unfortunately the younger generations do not have our comparison which is why the time has come for a call to unite the many and restore the righteous paths to dwell in, in America.

We hope to do our part weekly, by bringing you Biblical passages relevant to current events, links to sites that will help you in your day to day life, articles to help you navigate through the confusions in on our country Рempowering you with knowledge and understanding that will help you regain enthusiasm  and truth in your life.

Our pulpit is in The United States of America, a blessed republic under God, filled with a great people who are innately kind and hard working and it is for you that this site is being constructed.

May the Lord bless, strengthen and unite us to do what we must.